How I have realized myself as a Free Soul and became a  Guide to Others

I am a personal coach, spiritual guide, mentoring women and teacher who specializes in working with people on their relationships, spiritual development and breaking through obstacles and limiting patterns. 


In my work for the past sixteen years I combine deep intuition, compassion, clarity and spiritual knowledge with extensive psychological and energetic knowledge in order to help YOU to achieve deep healing, self-empowerment, spiritual breakthroughs and mastery over the emotional body.


Born in 1970, my early work was as a civil lawyer in Israel. I worked for 4 years and at the age of 29 left my profession and became a keen spiritual seeker. That was when I realized that my real vocation is supporting and guiding people in empowering spiritual development and healing processes.


I became an expert Tarot reader and learnt the art of healing with Bach flower essences. At that time I met my spiritual teacher, Shai Tubali, who is also the founder of the 'Expansion Method' and developed 'Power Psychology' and was initiated into the knowledge of the hidden physical anatomy and the chakra system; all are tools which I use in my work with people. 


My belief is that true healing and personal growth can only happen in a loving, accepting and fully containing environment, therefore I always try to create the feeling of the embrace of the divine mother so you can relax.


I believe in absolute self-responsibility and in the human capacity to be a whole and mature being, so I combine love and acceptance with the encouragement to step out of the victim consciousness and gain true inner power and a pure courageous heart.


One of my biggest passions are women - I feel a deep sense of obligation and inner calling to support women on their journey into spiritual freedom and successful manifestation in life. I lead women circles and give workshops for women. 


Another one of my passions is relationships. I divorced 10 years ago and stayed in the deepest friendship with my ex-husband, and was always propelled by deep questions like 'what is real love' and 'what does it mean to be fully committed in a relationship'. I worked with many people in Israel in my successful clinic in private sessions and also gave seminars.


For the last four years I live in Berlin Germany with my husband and daughter and give sessions and teach in the Chiro-Yoga center. I am a devoted meditator and lover of truth and aspires to reach full spiritual liberation in this lifetime.

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Tamar Brosh M.A.