Feminine spirituality

'A woman is the radiance of God, she is not your beloved.

She is a creator

you could say that she is not created.'

      – Jalal al-Din Rumi

One of my biggest passions is guiding and supporting women on their spiritual path.


As one who has devoted her life to the path of enlightenment and liberation and woke up to the eternal truth, I know through direct experience about all the possible obstacles women can deal with on their path of growth and transformation.

But why do I really focus on women's development? What is my vision?

Because I believe that the more women wake up, become totally present in their lives, becomes leaders and powerful figures in their communities and be totally capable to embody and express the divine feminine energy in its fullest potential – the world will become a better place. The world needs the awakened feminine energy; it needs the balancing and grounding voice that reminds all of us of the here and now, the perfection of life as it is, the inherent goodness, simplicity and beauty that shine around us all the time. Women must speak up, express their truth, make changes and promote love, kindness, unity and peace.

For that – we need to be clear, in full trust, available and unconditioned. And this is where I come into your life. I create unique spaces for women to work on the unique challenges they encounter, to open up to their own spiritual nature and discover their true self. I facilitate and host spiritual female circles, special seminars and workshops for women and invite women for a one on one meetings with me.


As you surely know, the road towards a deep and irreversible self-remembrance can be long and often tricky. Many things can divert us and pull our attention away from the highest form of realization. We can get caught up in pain, dependency, fear, duality of relationships and mainly get lost in our feminine roles as mothers, wives and daughters.

Unveiling our true nature as the impersonal SELF beyond all gender and personal story, is the most important condition for manifesting the pure feminine divine radiance without any interference. When a woman wants to become a real vessel for the divine light, she needs to courageously overcome her female-conditioning and develop her presence as the SELF beyond gender.


These are some of our challenges:

  • Overcoming the emotional body

  • Letting go of the need to constantly interact  

  • Learning to be truly alone from within

  • Opening the heart and being Love, no matter what

  • Taking full responsibility for all dimensions of life (breaking all sorts of dependency)

  • Letting go of self-judgement, self-pity and self-castration 

  • Stop waiting for approval, becoming active

When you really love the truth and want to awaken, and when you really wish to connect to the divine spark inside you which is your deepest self, you are ready to walk the amazing and transformative path towards authenticity and self-mastery.





This is probably the most meaningful and exciting life you can create for yourself.

Let's create it together, you and me and with other brave and beautiful women.

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