How we cured our daughter of Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis


Our beloved daughter A has just celebrated her 13th birthday when she was starting to complain about pain in her knees. (December 2016) She was having trouble climbing up and down the stairs and was more tired than usual. At first, we thought it was just some minor complaint that would go away, but it didn’t.


At that time we tried some chiropractic to no avail. Then one day she came to us and said the knee is painful again. I asked her to pull her pants down and then saw the left knee was swollen. Since I am a medical doctor I understood immediately that it probably a flare-up of arthritis. A had had JIA when she was 1 year old, which was resolved through vegan diet and supplements. Indeed a hospital visit confirmed the diagnosis. Needless to say, we were quite shocked it had reappeared. We started Naproxen following her rheumatologist advice. Since we are a family of therapists and natural health practitioners we started investigating into natural solutions. I have had a very good experience helping patients heal from similar conditions in the past in my practice as well.

So for the first phase, we have used the Naproxen, added a homoeopathic combination of the following remedies: Ruta 6CH, Arnica 6CH, Bryonia 6CH and Apis 6CH (to reduce pain and swelling and improve mobility). We made a dietary change overnight and switched to the McDougle low fat, high carb, plant based only diet (it is free online at…).


We also started anti-inflammatory supplements: Curcuma (turmeric) 500 mg thrice a day, Cat’s Claw and Omega 3. The hospital check up after one month showed an improvement and absorption of a substantial amount of the effusion (inflammatory fluid) in both her knees. We were delighted to see that it worked so well and so soon. So we continued with it. We also added Melatonin 5mg before bedtime, since she couldn’t sleep so well.


We wanted to help her regain more mobility since the knee still had a lot of fluid in it (it was really swollen at the beginning) so we did following her doctor’s advice a knee puncture with a steroid injection to one of her knees. The other knee was better so we didn’t want it to be punctured as well.


Then she underwent a vaccination, prior to travelling to Africa. We were afraid that it would worsen her condition and overload her immune system, but didn’t want to stop our plans and allow her to experience this lifetime safari trip with her grandma. And as we feared might happen, unfortunately, her condition got worse and the pains increased. At that time we added Gelum following a friend natural therapist, which performed an energetic mapping of her blood through a special blood test (Electromagnetic field blood test) which she took for a total of one month alongside all the other supplements.


The trip went well and she had a great time in Africa, despite the symptoms. When she came back we did another adjustment to her regimen- she started complaining of stomach upset, and we suspected the Naproxen was responsible for that, so we stopped it. We also stopped the Omega 3, since we had an intuition it was not helping so much (we checked it through Kinesiology as well).


Then we read about a young girl that healed from JIA on the web that was treated with CBD oil. The therapeutic component of cannabis (completely legal, no THC which is the hallucinogenic substance).


So after A came back from Africa (April 2017) we gave her the following: Curcuma, Cat’s claw, CBD oil (5-7 drops twice a day) and continued with a plant based, vegan diet with minimum amount of oils. We continued with Melatonin as well.


It was then when we saw a great leap in the healing process, that combination seemed to work very well and we had the feeling of a considerable improvement as we’ve noticed that A was less and less complaining over her symptoms. We also felt she was feeling better emotionally, as her depression began to lift.


We went to the next scheduled hospital check up, and luckily our doctor was really pleasant and open to our unusual path. She tested A and then told us there were hardly any traces of arthritis. It was exactly 5 months from the time of diagnosis, and needless to say, we were all very exhilarated to hear that!


We still have a way to go, since A has still some restriction in the jaws, and can’t open yet fully her mouth (although here as well there is a big improvement) but we feel we are heading towards a complete resolution of arthritis. A has also started a psychological treatment to help cope with emotional issues In her life, and as the days pass, we feel more and more that our beloved child is coming back to us.

I asked our wonderful rheumatologist in the last visit how long it would normally take to reach such an improvement with MTX, and she said it normally takes a year, and sometimes even more. We were glad we to start it and followed instead a natural regimen.

In order to make it more understandable and convenient to follow for other parents, I summarise here the steps we took:


First phase- Reduce inflammation, treat the symptoms


Homeopathy: Arnica 6CH, Apis 6CH, Bryonia 6CH, Ruta 6CH- 2 globuli to suck, 3 times a day

McDougle’s Diet

Curcuma ---mg 3 times a day

Cat’s Claw ---mg 3 times a day

Omega 3 ---mg 3 times a day


Second phase- treat inflammation and symptoms, improve stamina and immunity

Try to avoid vaccination as much as possible

McDougle’s Diet

Curcuma ---mg 3 times a day

Cat’s Claw ---mg 3 times a day

CBD oil 5-7 drops twice a day


We hope it will help other parents like us heal their kinds, we are so grateful to have succeeded in finding that path to health that has worked so well till now.

If you would like to consult us, or adjust a treatment to your son or daughter you are welcome to contact us, and if you would like to have medical as well as natural health supervision and guidance you can contact me personally, we would love to help.

Tamar and Dr Nir Brosh

Positive Psychology Coaching &
Trauma Healing

Tamar Brosh M.A.