Mastering relationship 


Relationships are one of the biggest challenge for each and every one of us. It can be the cause for great joy, happiness, fulfillment, connection and strength but it can also be the cause for much confusion, pain, anger, disappointment, loneliness and frustration.


Many times we feel we lack the emotional maturity, the self-confidence, the clarity and the inner-wisdom when it comes to relating with others. We can experience ourselves as either too sensitive or explosive or as too remote and indifferent – either way, we can't seem to express ourselves clearly and we end up offended, hurt, angry and closed.


Also, in these virtual times, we might find it hard to meet a suitable partner, someone we can trust and open-up to, someone we can be ourselves with. We might carry a negative and painful memory of betrayal and desertion, and we can't find the power or courage to plunge back into the game. We sit alone in front of our computer or our TV and we dream about the day the right person will knock on our door.


  • Do you want to have harmonious, loving, respectful and supportive relationships?

  • Do you want to be able to stay centered, clear-minded and at peace in all kinds of interaction?

  • Do you wish to be able to open-hearted, loving, connected and self-contained even in the worst kind of dispute or fight?

  • Do you want to be heard, respected and honored by other people without forcing it?


If your answer is yes, it means you wish to master your relationships. For that you must learn the 5 golden rules:


  1. Self-responsibility: The other is never to blame for your hardship – you always have a choice.

  2. Self-love: when you can't love and respect your own existence, you cannot expect others to do it for you.

  3. Self-control: when you can't contain tension and friction, you are bound to hurt yourself or others.

  4. Self-contentment: when you believe others are supposed to make you happy and fulfill your dreams, you are setting yourself for disappointment.

  5. Respectful communication:  when you blame others for your pain or when you speak without respect, you create separation and distance instead of connection.


In a journey of 12 meetings you can learn how to master your relationships.


Every meeting will be dedicated to focus on the learning, practicing and integrating of the golden rules for healthy and loving relationships.


The meeting is personally adapted to your needs and requirements.


Is this framework suitable for you?


This work is suitable for:

  • Couples that go through a hard time and need help to bring the relationship back on track.

  • People who are not in a relationship but wish to enter one and find it difficult for different reasons.

  • New couples that wish to build a strong and healthy connection

  • Couples who share a good and solid relationship but wish to take it into the next step of intimacy and sharing.


You can come with your partner and you can come alone – it takes one to make a change so even if your partner doesn't feel comfortable to join you, you can do it by yourself.


  • This journey is also suitable for family dynamics and relationships at work. So if you find it hard to maintain a good connection with you parents or children, your boss or colleges, this journey is good for you.


It is also possible to come just for one or two consulting sessions.


Each meeting takes 1.5 hours




1 consulting session – 100 euros

A package of 5 consulting sessions – 420 euros

A package of 12 consulting sessions (the full journey) – 1100 euros

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