The 5 Golden Rules for mastering your relationships




The other is never to blame for your hardship – you always have a choice. When you learn how to always, under every circumstance, take full responsibility in hard, frustrating moments, you can deal with your emotions in a precise, direct and liberating way, and avoid unnecessary projections and blame.


When you can't love and respect your own existence, you cannot expect others to do it for you. When you learn how to feel deep appreciation for you own being, how to draw your red lines and respect your own soul, you can start seeing others too, as they are, and you don't depend anymore on their feedback to feel good.


When you can't contain tension and friction, you are bound to hurt yourself or others. When you learn how to stay immovable and silent in the midst of a mental or emotional storm, you begin to see that you can contain every uncomfortable emotion/thought/sensation and you don't need to 'unload' yourself on others for your own relaxation.




When you believe others are supposed to make you happy and fulfill your dreams, you are setting yourself for disappointment. When you learn to stop waiting for others, when you see that the only one that can fulfill your dreams is you! – then you can't be bitter and disillusioned anymore and maintain high level of fulfillment in your relationship.



Respectful communication: 


When you blame others for your pain or when you speak without respect, you create separation and distance instead of connection. When you learn to fully accept yourself as you are and others as they are, including their differences, you can communicate from a healthy state of boundaries and yet to see what the other need from you and respond to that authentically and respectfully.

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Tamar Brosh M.A.