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Living in a loving, harmonious and deeply nourishing relationship is totally achievable, you just need to learn the golden rules for a happy partnership and respect the unique personal structure both you and your partner have.



Embracing, cultivating and developing your spiritual nature is a key to a truly fulfilling and meaningful life. For women, spiritual life can summon particular challenges and initiations so it is easier to be guided and supported on the path.

Soul Healing &


True, solid happiness depends on your ability to know yourself as the divine spark which you are. The easiest way to connect to your divine essence is through reaching into your soul pattern. Clearing core beliefs and emotional traumas that cover your radiant soul-light is essential. The White Light Expansion method is the fastest and most profound way to both uprooting forgetfulness and pain as well as reaching high and beyond and discovering your true self.

Positive Psychology Coaching &
Trauma Healing

Tamar Brosh M.A.